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Our attorneys are dedicated to the representation of our clients through all phases of litigation from discovery, through trial, and appeals.  Our ability to do so sets us apart from other firms and provides both continuity and cost efficiency. Collectively, our lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of appeals on behalf of our clients. We are likewise available for retention on appeals in courts throughout the state of Washington.

Business Formation

Attorneys at Evans, Craven, & Lackie are available to navigate the selection and formation of business entities from sole proprietorships to larger, more complex organizations.  We regularly offer advice to a diverse group of businesses in the negotiation and drafting of contracts, real estate transactions, drafting and implementation of policies, as well as day to day advice regarding the complexities of business operations.

Business Litigation

Businesses encounter many complex issues including contractual disputes, employment claims, workplace injuries, and others. Most of the lawyers at Evans, Craven, & Lackie devote the majority of their work to litigation, including the representation of corporate entities.  We are therefore able to offer complete and reliable representation to corporations in civil litigation matters of all shapes and sizes.

Employment Law

Evans, Craven, & Lackie offers comprehensive advice to employers regarding the implementation of policies, employee handbooks, employment contracts, and staffing issues. We likewise represent employers in lawsuits brought by current or former employees including: wrongful termination, non-competition, discrimination, FMLA, OSHA, WISHA, sexual harassment, minimum wage act, and other matters.

Government Liability

Throughout the history of Evans, Craven, & Lackie, we have represented a broad spectrum of government entities, including school districts, municipalities, counties, and special service districts. Claims against government entities are diverse, and therefore require uniquely experienced legal counsel.  Our attorneys have decades of experience representing government entities in claims such as: personal injury, law enforcement liability (excessive force, false arrest), employment, and discrimination/harassment claims, as well as industrial accidents, sexual abuse claims, taxation issues, and contractual disputes.

Indian Law and Tort Defense of Sovereign Nations

There are very few lawyers in Washington and Idaho experienced in legal matters brought on behalf of, or against Indian tribes.  Evans, Craven, & Lackie has experience in these areas and attorneys admitted in the courts of many sovereign jurisdictions.

Insurance Defense

In addition to more narrow subject areas, Evans, Craven, & Lackie’s attorneys represent the insureds of a large number of regional and national insurance companies.  Claims we regularly handle include: product liability, wrongful death, premises liability, automobile accidents, landowner liability, property damage, construction defect, nuisance, crop loss, and other general liability matters.

Legal Malpractice Defense

Evans, Craven, & Lackie regularly represents lawyers in the defense of legal malpractice claims emanating from a broad range of practice areas.  We take pride in the fact that our services are sought out by other legal professionals facing legal problems of their own.

Medical Negligence Defense

Medical negligence claims often involve a great deal of complexity and can have significant extra-judicial ramifications.  They therefore require a heightened degree of skill and experience not suited for general practitioners. Several attorneys at Evans, Craven, & Lackie devote the majority of their legal practices to the defense of medical, dental, and other healthcare negligence claims.  Our attorneys also assist a broad range of practitioners with quality assurance, licensing, and credentialing issues.

Personal Injury

While the majority of our litigation work involves the defense of legal claims, our attorneys likewise have experience representing plaintiffs in personal injury claims.  Our representation of personal injury claimants is available on a limited basis to those who have legitimately been harmed through no fault of their own.

Tax and Estate Planning

Evans, Craven, & Lackie has several lawyers available to discuss estate planning needs including the creation of wills, trusts, and other legal instruments to safeguard assets. Estate planning clients include businesses and individuals.

Workers’ Compensation/Industrial Insurance

Evans, Craven, & Lackie represents self-insured and state fund employers in workers’ compensation claims before the Department of Labor and Industries, the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals, as well as the Superior and Appellate courts throughout the state of Washington. We likewise provide representation to employers in the state of Idaho before the Idaho Industrial Commission.

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